8/3/19: Saturday, August 3, 2019

Check Your Map!

Hey everyone, I'm smalls, one of Earthbound Rhapsody's artists. I'll be providing some tidbits on how the game's maps are created, and then show them off a little bit. For now, I'll discuss our protagonist's hometown, Tanzana City!

Before I show off the town, let's talk about how the maps themselves are created.

My process for creating Tanzana's laundromat

First I'll draft the outline of the entire room. Then I'll add colors and detail, maybe move some stuff around here and there, and then it will be shipped off into the game! Pretty standard stuff, but maps with more importance like town maps take much more time and care.

The map itself needs to be detailed by the writers, so any landmarks, stores, plot points, and other such things need to be written out. Then, I'll get to work on the tileset and the map itself at the same time. I'll be updating the tileset to meet the map's needs. Tanzana City's map is one that I'm quite proud of. It took me over two months to complete! Here are some areas from the map.

That's all I have relating to the subject for now. Thank you for reading, and see you in October!


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