10/5/19: Saturday, October 5, 2019

Four's a Crowd

Hello again, everyone! I'm Parzival, the director of Earthbound Rhapsody. You may remember me from our first blog post in which I detailed the logistics of our blog as well as shedding some light on some of our valued devs. Today, I'll be focusing more on the creative side of Earthbound Rhapsody, namely our main characters! Like any Earthbound game, Rhapsody has a main cast of four party members, with a few other minor characters playing roles along the way. In this post, however, we'll specifically be focusing on the main characters. So, without further ado, let's take a look at them!


Age: 13
Birthday: July 23
Hometown: Tanzana City
Favorite Movie Genre: Action
Weapon: Baseball Bat

One of those kids that just has it all together...or does he? He's been through a lot, even at his young age. For instance, his parents died in a lab accident when he was very little, so he currently lives with his grandma. He used to receive plenty of attention from his grandma, but ever since his baby sister was adopted, he has been getting less and less. Though he loves his sister with all his heart, he wishes his grandma would pay attention to him once in a while. As a result of this, he often tries to fit in more than he should to get noticed elsewhere. He has a strong determination to be "the best" at everything he does, especially baseball. He has a lactose intolerance. Though he struggles with self confidence, due in part to his psychic acumen, he has a strong moral backbone and when others need him, he will step up to the plate to help those he loves.


Age: 14
Birthday: January 7
Hometown: Montemorte
Favorite Movie Genre: Rom-Com
Weapon: Hairbrush

Sassy teenage actress who is not afraid to steamroll you to get her way. She's the daughter of a successful, but divorced businessman. She is admittedly a bit lazy, and thinks that her own natural charisma will get her everything she wants. She is also a bit overly obsessed with her physical appearance. She doesn't take things as seriously as she should. Her sassiness often causes people to label her as a "queen bee," and they are exactly right. Though she is at the top of the social ladder, her personality outcast her from having meaningful friends. Despite her laziness, she has a surprising fire inside of her. And don't forget about her potent psychic power either!


Age: 28
Birthday: October 31
Hometown: Somewhere overseas
Favorite Movie Genre: Mystery
Weapon: Shovel

While at first people may be off put by his quirkiness, if you take the time to know him, you'll find that he has the kindest soul around. He is a bit deluded in the head, but his constant enthusiasm more than makes up for it. He's an archaeologist by trade, but unfortunately not very good at it. He's a bit rash when it comes to planning, and rushes into things without considering the consequences. He loves routine and detests change. In battle, he channels the power of ancient archaeological relics to place curses on his enemies, at the cost of some of his HP. Though he may have a soft head, he has an even softer heart.


Age: 12
Birthday: May 3
Hometown: Bristlecone
Favorite Movie Genre: Sci-Fi
Weapon: Fishing Pole

Quiet and extremely shy, Miles is the perfect example of "going with the flow." Though his foster parents admonish him to go make some friends, Miles prefers sitting in his room making model planes or practicing his saxophone. He also loves fishing as a hobby, and while he hasn't really caught any story-worthy fish yet, he hopes he'll land the big one someday. He's a real outdoorsy type, anything he can do outside makes him calm and happy. He really wants to be an astronaut someday, often daydreaming about his adventures in space. He doesn't know it yet, but he has a latent psychic power buried deep within. However, it will take him a while to learn how to use it effectively.

That's all for this post! I hope you learned something (hopefully interesting) about the main party of Earthbound Rhapsody. As always, thank you for taking the time to read this blog, and we'll see you guys in December!


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